Meet the second painting in my new collection : “planning the heist.” - it serves as a prequel to the first titled “after the robbery.” 

I wanted to share my personal journey within this collection, which were truly  a part of my healing process. Through sharing these works, I hope I could possibly help others who feel trapped. Even if it makes just one person feel less alone, it would be worth it. 

As a SA survivor, I felt ashamed and embarrassed for almost 2 years. Constantly blaming myself, and battling confusion as to how I allowed such a terrible thing to happen. I didn’t tell anyone, not even my therapist, until this past spring. I kept it to myself because I felt like if I told someone that would make it true, which would make me damaged goods, and who would want damaged goods. So now a bit of meaning behind this “planning” of the heist of my body. The painting peeks into the darkness of being a woman and feeling looked at as only a body. The struggle of whether you are showing your body for yourself, or for the praise and attention of others. And does getting that attention from others, justify the loss of your power? It does NOT. 

I once felt dead inside, as shown through the skull on a bed of roses. I hid behind a mask, while I masked my pain with other vices. “after the robbery” shows the starts of taking back my own body - finally owning what is mine and coming back even stronger. 

To anyone struggling, I am here for you. It gets better. It starts with a conversation and ends with taking back what is yours.

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